Client Testimonials

Dawn was released from jail and had nowhere to go. Prior to being in jail, Dawn was living on the streets in Tulsa and eventually was picked up for non-payment of probation fees. She entered the shelter in August of 2019. She was provided immediate shelter, food, a hygiene bag, a KATS transportation pass and a voucher for clothing and shoes to be redeemed at the OCHS Thrift Store. Dawn was determined to get out of this rut she created. She stated, “The shelter is a very structured environment and the staff has the heart for helping clients in meeting their goals. The shelter staff made me feel that I have self-worth and have given me confidence to pursue my goals and dreams.” Since her stay here, the shelter has assisted her with retaining her social security card, transportation to appointments and schooling.  She will receive a certificate in medical coding soon which was possible through a grant and collaboration with Deep Fork Community Action. Dawn’s stay at the shelter has given her more opportunities and resources to become self-sustaining. Dawn’s next step is to secure a job and obtain housing.

Rachel entered the shelter in March of 2019. Once settled in at the shelter, she was reunited and gained custody of her two children.
Rachel said,“The shelter provided a structured and stable environment and allowed my family to work through our struggles that first brought us to the shelter. The staff was supportive, compassionate and resourceful throughout my journey at the shelter.” The shelter was able to employ her part-time at the OCHS Thrift Store, owned and operated by the shelter. Employment is offered, if there is a position open, to clients that show responsibility, determination, trustworthiness and have the desire to work.
The shelter provided her family with transportation, clothing and shoes, assisted with job and housing search, Oklahoma driver’s license, bicycles with training and safety equipment and other resources that her family needed.
Her family successfully moved out of the shelter into an apartment. She continues to work for the OCHS Thrift Store and has become a valuable employee to the store.